Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Rutgers EvoBio journal club

When I see emails like this one in my inbox, I get nostalgic for the days of being a full-time grad student:

The Journal Club in Evolution (aka Advanced Evolution 16:215:550) continues Wednesday February 23rd in room 306a in Foran Hall on Cook Campus at 12:35-1:55pm.  All are welcome to attend any of our weekly Wednesday meetings, at the same time and in the same room for this semester.

The Journal Club is open to all students and faculty interested in organismal evolution at any level (individual to phyla, genes to morphology) and is arranged by Siobain Duffy and Karl Kjer. To get all journal club announcements and other evolution-related information campus-wide, sign up for the Mailing list in Evolution at Rutgers:

As part of a three-week focus on Coevolution, on Wednesday Feb 24 Yee Mey Seah will lead a discussion on Microbial arms races.

Reading (the first is required, the second is optional):

Germ warfare in a microbial mat community: CRISPRs provide insights into the co-evolution of host and viral genomes; Heidelberg et al 2009

(Optional) Viral biogeography revealed by signatures in Sulfolobus islandicus genomes; Held & Whitaker 2009

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