Friday, February 11, 2011

Digital Energy @GreenNet

Topics for the Green:Net 2011 conference this April (a GigaOM event).  I went last year, and it was a great day of talks.  A LOT of opportunity here for the applied atmospheric sciences sector:
The Next-Gen Smart Grid: It’s All About Apps
The future of the smart grid will be software and applications. While infrastructure giants will be responsible for building out the hardware and networking pieces of the next-gen smart grid, software developers will be making the game-changing applications. Those killer apps will be the next pot of gold! At Green:Net, you’ll meet the the software innovators focused on the power grid.

Opportunities in Connected Cars
The first generation of electric vehicles is here: Nissan’s LEAF and GM’s Volt. These early EVs will be laced with chips, software and wireless networks to help monitor their batteries and soothe driver anxiety. The connected car is the next technology platform ripe for development and will lead to a more sustainable future for transportation. For example, network-connected and software-enabled electric cars will be able to charge from the smart grid during off-peak hours, leading to lower-cost vehicle charging for consumers. Come see how.

Now a Competitive Advantage: Green Data Centers
For the first time in history, companies like Google and Yahoo are innovating around greener, more efficient data centers in an effort to save money on energy bills and remain competitive in their industries. If the free markets won’t convince the Internet giants to operate more sustainable data centers, nothing will. Learn how cutting-edge companies are leading data center innovation.

Energy Storage: The Lynchpin of Energy Breakthroughs
No, we haven’t found a Moore’s Law for batteries yet, and we haven’t made all that much progress in being able to store energy in general. But to utilize clean power for the grid, to make longer-range electric vehicles and to develop cell phones that run a lot longer, we need energy storage breakthroughs. What’s on the horizon?

How the Social Web Can Drive A Green Economy
The Internet has made way for a new revolution in sharing “stuff,” as companies have sprouted up to help us share our vehicles (Zipcar), living spaces (Airbnb), and tools (Zilok). This trend is just beginning, but savvy Internet companies are using social networks to allocate resources more efficiently and build trust among members. The kicker? It can be an eco-friendlier way of life.

The Future of the Smart Energy Home
Home-sweet-digital home has been the dream deferred of the consumer electronics industry for decades. But now, utilities, startups and investors are morphing the digital home dream into smart energy reality, where consumers are actively involved in their home energy management. What are the barriers to, and possibilities for, this ecosystem?

Digital Energy: Are We Making Money Yet?
Venture capitalists, conglomerates like GE and banks, all have an end goal of investing in digital energy to make money. What sectors and companies are showing the most promising returns for the intersection of IT and green, and what’s up with this post-recession dip?

Green:Net Big Ideas
Our editorial team will select 10 companies and individuals who are changing the way we think about the intersection of the digital and energy worlds. Chosen from submissions and direct invitations, Green:Net Big Ideas will present five-minute lightning talks throughout the day. Come and be inspired by some of the greatest ideas for the next year.

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