Monday, February 26, 2007

Global Roundtable on Climate Change

This AFP article in SEED discusses one of the issues that took center stage recently in the efforts of industry to address the post-Kyoto mechanisms to deal with climate change. Since its' inception, I have always thought that the Global Roundtable on Climate Change presented an interesting, if not somewhat dubious, perspective from industry - it wasn't that long ago that many of the participants were singing quite a different tune. However, whether guided by the science, the profit motive, or both, it is good to see that climate change is being discussed in ways that go beyond the glossy brochures of a corporation's environmental affairs department. I found it interesting that Professor Sachs referred to China as the GHG emitter of the future - my money is also on China to be among the first to develop the neccesary technologies to prevent and/or sequester harmful emissions as well.

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