Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Rutgers Journal Club in Evolution, going on its 12th year

Rutgers Evolutionary Biology

Journal Club in Evolution, Spring 2015:
THEME: Speciation at small to large scales

Journal Club in Evolution Spring 2015 will be on SPECIATION,
and include reading of the classics, the experimental, and the natural...

They say there are three things you should never ask a biologist:
 1. What is a species?
 2. What is a population?
 3. What is an individual?

Despite this, we will tackle the first question this coming semester
by reading classic and recent papers on speciation and species concepts
at organismal levels from the potentially earliest, simplest life
(viruses), to unicellular bacteria and eukaryotes, to more complex organisms such as
plants and vertebrates.

We will start with classic papers in species concepts by Ernst Mayr
and others, then go on to experiments and field-studies of speciation
processes.  We will cover the whole breadth of the organismal tree,
from asexual to sexual organisms, and also include hybridization,
polyploidization, colonial organisms, and parasites...

The journal club is now going on its 12th year, and
generally has 10-20 students and faculty attending on a regular basis.
This is both an informal discussion event open to all interested
faculty, postdocs, and students, as well as a graduate class (graduate
course name 'Advanced Evolution', 1 credit; 16:215:550).

If you are interested in joining us for credit, or just to show up
and discuss when you have time, make sure you are subscribed to the
Evolution mailing list at Rutgers, which we use for our announcements.
If you need to sign up for the mailing list, sign up here:
If you want to sign up for credit as a graduate student,
e-mail us for a Special Permission Number so you can register.

The journal club will be scheduled when the most registered graduate
students and others can attend, so we can maximize attendance. So sign
up for credit now or send us an e-mail that you want to attend, and then
we will send out a scheduling Doodle poll in early January after
which the actual day and time will be announced.

With best wishes,
Lena Struwe & Siobain Duffy

Dr. Lena Struwe | Associate Professor & Director, Chrysler Herbarium |
Rutgers University | Dept of Ecology, Evolution, and Natural Resources
| Dept of Plant Biology and Pathology | 237 Foran Hall | 59 Dudley Road |
New Brunswick, NJ 08901 | USA | |
phone (848) 932-6343 (NEW!) | fax (732) 932-9441 |

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