Friday, June 21, 2013

IEA Discussion - Redrawing the Energy-Climate Map

The Center on Global Energy Policy at the Columbia University School of International and Public Affairs hosted a talk by Fatih Birol, the Chief Economist at the International Energy Agency.  This was followed by a panel which included remarks from Fred Krupp (EDF), David Sandalow (DOE) and Jason Bordoff (Columbia CGEP).  The focus was the recent IEA report titled Redrawing the Energy-Climate Map.

Some of the highlight's from Dr. Birol's talk:
  • Climate change slipping from the global policy agenda, despite scientific evidence
  • Canada has already ratified the measures recommended in the report
  • Efficiency, often discounted, is making up a significant portion of carbon savings as well as institutional investment
  • "If you say efficiency doesn't matter, you are really not getting your hands dirty with the data"
  • Nuclear/CCS still facing significant challenges
  • Global CO2 emissions +1.4% (31.6 Gt) in 2012
  • CO2 emissions in Japan increased 6% (lower nuclear, more coal)
  • China's increases were +3.8%, but this is the lowest Y/Y growth in nearly 2 decades
  • US & China approximately 45% of total emissions
  • Energy production and investment sectors acknowledging need to increase resilience to physical impacts
  • Another goal in the report is to significantly reduce CH4
 4 Criteria to guide recommendations:
  1.  No harm to individual country economic growth
  2. Significant near-term CO2 reductions are imperative, but they should
  3. Rely on implementing existing technologies
  4. Realize ignificant benefits other than climate - improved health, productivity, alt energy sector growth, etc.
Thanks to Columbia for hosting this event.

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