Monday, April 8, 2013

March 2013 BAMS

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Featured in this issue:

~ The Hurricane Forecast Improvement Project by R. Gall et al.
~ Revisiting the Statewide Climate Extremes for the United States: Evaluating Existing Extremes, Archived Data, and New Observations by K. A. Shein et al.
~ NASA’s Genesis and Rapid Intensification Processes (GRIP) Field Experiment by S. A. Braun et al.
~ High-Latitude Ocean and Sea Ice Surface Fluxes: Challenges for Climate Research by M. A. Bourassa et al.
~ The DTC Ensembles Task: A New Testing and Evaluation Facility for Mesoscale Ensembles by E. I. Tollerud et al.
~ Precipitation from Space: Advancing Earth System Science byP. A. Kucera et al.
~ The ARM Climate Research Facility: A Review of Structure and Capabilities by J. H. Mather and J. W. Voyles
~ The Concordiasi Field Experiment over Antarctica: First Results from Innovative Atmospheric Measurements by F. Rabier et al.
~ Uncertainty Quantification for Climate Observations by J. L. Matthews, E. Mannshardt, and P. Gremaud

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