Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Satellite Swarm

This image from the European Space Agency reminded me of an old cover of Whole Earth Review issue.

The concept of a 'Disaggregated' Satellite Network is getting attention (again) - this time in response to sequestration cuts. See related article in Aviation Week here. In the EarthObs community, it has long been known that at some point in the not too distant future, gaps in data will be inevitable - coming from potential budget cuts, scrapped satellite launches, and delays in the NextGen sensors, among other reasons. These conversations have been topics of Birds of a Feather sessions at AGU, ASPRS& other related conferences for years, and we may now have the catalyst to bring this to the forefront of the discussion. I've been working on a sensor-network-centric business model that pulls together topics from technologies ranging from microsatellites, drones, data management and cheap, low-cost sensors.

EarthObsDAAS?     Thoughts/suggestions welcome.

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