Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Thermal Adaptaptation Conference, April 2011, Estonia

From EvolDir:
"Evolutionary and plastic responses of animal growth to
different temperatures: adaptations and constraints"

will be held in Tartu, Estonia from April 28 to April 30, 2011. The
meeting is organized by the European Science Foundation research
networking programme "Thermal adaptation in ectotherms: Linking life
history, physiology, behaviour and genetics".

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SUMMARY: The symposium aims to bring together evolutionary ecologists and
physiologists working on temperature-driven a) plastic and b) evolutionary
changes in 1) growth rates and 2) body sizes of various (invertebrate and
vertebrate) ectothermic animals. Responses to temperature is a topic in
which the interplay of different evolutionary forces (primarily, selection
and constraints) is particularly obvious. Interdisciplinary efforts in
this field are therefore likely to contribute substantially to an improved
and more integrated understanding of evolutionary processes. Furthermore,
clarifying conceptual and terminological problems would serve the needs of
both theoretical and applied research on thermal adaptation, and beyond.

Toomas Tammaru
professor of zoology


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