Monday, October 11, 2010

Special Rutgers evolution seminar

From the RU EvolBio journal club:

Special Discussion this Wednesday at IMCS/Rutgers with Dr. Robert Trivers

Wednesday Oct 13, 1 pm. Note room change to the
Alampi Room, IMCS.
Ecology & Evolution Graduate Program
  *"Discussion of Nowak et al on eusociality and kinship theory"
  lead by
Dept of Anthropology
Alampi Room, IMCS, Cook Campus

Host: Dr. Lena Struwe

M E Nowak, C E Tarnita, and E O Wilson published a controversial paper
in a recent issue of Nature, arguing that Hamilton's kin selection
theory (caring for your relative's offspring instead of having
children of your own) does not explain the evolution of eusociality
  better than standard natural selection theory. Since the publication
this has been heavily debated, with input from many prominent
evolutionary biologists. Dr. Trivers will lead a discussion on this
topic for faculty and students on Cook Campus.
  Everybody is welcome to attend.
Links to additional information:
  Nowak et al. (Nature paper):

New York Times article by Carl Zimmer:

  Jerry Coyne's response:

  Richard Dawkins response:
A blogpost on the Ecographica blog outlining criticism:
Dr. Lena Struwe
Associate Professor&  Director, Chrysler Herbarium
Dept of Ecology, Evolution,&  Natural Resources
Dept of Plant Biology and Pathology
237 Foran Hall, 59 Dudley Road
Rutgers University
New Brunswick, NJ 08901, USA

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