Thursday, July 29, 2010

Conference: Barcelona.Biodiversity.Oct1-2

In my box today form the EvoBio group at Rutgers:

Subject:        Conference: Barcelona.Biodiversity.Oct1-2
Date:   Thu, 29 Jul 2010 03:11:37 -0400 (EDT)

Dear colleagues,

You are kindly invited to attend the two-day, international symposium
"*Frontiers in Biodiversity: a Phylogenetic Perspective*", which will be
held in Barcelona, Spain, the 1st and 2nd of October 2010.

The symposium is co-organized by the Biodiversity Research Institute of
the University of Barcelona (IrBio), the Institute of Evolutionary
Biology (IBE, CSIC-UPF) and the Zoological Systematics and Evolution
research group on the occasion of *the International year of Biodiversity*.

These are exciting times to conduct research on Biodiversity. The last
years have witnessed the development of new theoretical, computational
and technological tools for Biodiversity research at an unprecedented
rate. The symposium aims to explore the impact of some of these new
conceptual and methodological approaches on our current understanding of
the origins and the processes that shape Biodiversity. Research on
Biodiversity has multiple facets. In this symposium we will emphasize
the perspective and contributions coming form the phylogenetic and
phylogeographic front. The symposium will focus on a selected list of
"hot topics" under the headings of Statistical phylogenetics and
phylogeography, Biogeography, Time, Key Innovations, Adaptive
radiations, Diversification, Community phylogenetics and Phylogenomics.

The symposium will consist of two morning sessions with invited talks
and an afternoon poster session open to participants. The symposium will
close with a round table with the invited speakers on the topic
"*Biodiversity in the omics era*". The list of confirmed speakers
include Fr?d?ric Delsuc (Universit? Montpellier II, France), Steven W.
Kembel (University of Oregon, US), L. Lacey Knowles (University of
Michigan, US), Brian R. Moore (University of California, Davis, US),
Daniel L. Rabosky (University of California, Berkeley, US), Isabel
Sanmartin (Real Jardin Botanico, CSIC, Spain) and Ziheng Yang
(University College London, UK).

The symposium will be held at the *Institute of Catalan Studies
(/Institut d'Estudis Catalans/, IEC),* located at the heart of
Barcelona's old town, in the 17th century Santa Creu Hospital building.

The registration fee is 80EUR. There is no deadline for registration and
poster abstract submission, but attendance will be limited to *100*
*participants* and the number of posters to *30*. Both registration and
poster contributions will be accepted on *first-come, first-served*
basis, and will close once we reach the maximum number of contributors.

Detailed information, including conference titles, can be found on the
conference website:

We invite you to visit the site and register for the conference and
submit your contribution.

Come and join us!

The organizing committee: Miquel A. Arnedo, Marta Riutort and Julio
Rozas (Biodiversity Research Institute, University of Barcelona), and
Salvador Carranza, Jose Castresana and Ignacio Ribera (Evolutionary
Biology Institute, CSIC-University Pompeu Fabra)


Miquel A. Arnedo

Biodiversity Research Institute UB
Departament Biologia Animal
Universitat de Barcelona
Av. Diagonal 645, E-08028 Barcelona, Spain
Tel. +34 93 403 4808
Fax. +34 93 403 5740

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