Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Evolution's Importance to Society...(should be) required reading for all

Yesterday's post contained some great links on evobio related topics, but this one is my favorite. Massimo Pigliucci takes some of the same ideas that Randolph Nesse has been discussing for years (better application of evolutionary biology to medicine) and makes the case for applying evobio to everything. The argument is not new, and shouldn't be new to anyone in science, but this short interview with Pigliucci illustrates how important it is for scientists to communicate their ideas as well. While there are a few fields where I admit I would struggle to make the case that an evobio foundation would be an asset (ie, accounting) I suggest that we don't stop with his list. Let's also include lawyers, urban planners, commodity traders, furniture designers, advertising agents, and....

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