Thursday, January 11, 2007

Climate Co-operation

Japan has expressed an interest in partnering with the United States by developing a framework to address global climate change that goes well beyond the measures included in the Kyoto Protocol. In a recent speech given in Washington given by the Japanese Finance Minister, Koji Omi outlines several areas where Japan-US co-operation could, and should, lead the way in addressing several of the challenges the world is facing. As the US has blown their chance at addressing the climate issue via Kyoto, this may be a way to not only make up some ground that we may have lost in the international community, but even take the lead in a comprehensive set of measures that are geared towards the reduction of global greenhouse gas emissions. Beyond putting mandates on emissions, the steps outlined in Omi's speech contain a sensible balance of technological advancement, participation in the global market and economic policy.

With presidential elections on the horizon, it would be a very opportune time for a forward thinking candidate to embrace such a partnership, and run with it all the way to the polls (and beyond).

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